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√3 Luckiness

Velouria's Official Blog

Velouria Hemlock
18 December 1995
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  • siv_carbone@livejournal.com
  • velo.velouria
online nick/real name. INTJ. Your usual potential stalker.
da journal.
I write with English and Bahasa. Fujoshi's stuffs are friend-locked. 'Healthy girl' posts are public.
also an Indonesian text-based roleplayer on some Indonesian roleplaying forums. Meet my children!
Booyah! Velouria here /o/ As you can see above, it's my online nickname. If you know me personally you may call me with my real name :)

I really like to learn languages (I'm currently learning about… 6 languages besides Indonesian), so I really appreciate it if you introduce your own mother-language. My hobbies are write and read fictions, fantasy-adventure and science fiction are my favorite genres. I do listen to alternative rock (RADWIMPS), acoustic (RYTHEM), electropop (Perfume, AVTechNo!), and recently, jazz.