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04 March 2013 @ 07:14 am
You Call It Weekend#2 (episode: Kuroko no Basket)  
Two more chapters and they're going to use my dormitory room's number (205) lol

So… the annoying competition between Kaijou vs Seirin has finally ended. I said it annoying for a number of reasons. Mainly because Kise's too-much-perfect-copy-technique (Well, no offense for Kise's fangirls out there m(_ _)m) and the long competition (I mean, from 184 to 203? They sure took a LOT and long). It's just… tiring to follow them up. BUT NOW let's give our gratitude to our main protagonist for his first buzzer beater. Please do not die because it was you first time hahah

Aaaand, we finally can take some rest at the 203rd. Huft. Control your breath, ppl. Because Midorima had giving Kuroko permission to… share their 'miraculous-yet-deep-past'. Yay or yay? Somehow I hope it turned out to be… some important events. And I got my fill for Takao in this chapter, yum.

...You better do this one for good, Fujimaki-sensei. おねがいします。
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