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15 February 2013 @ 07:14 am
Kurobasu Meme (1/?)  
What a title hahah. Reminds me of old filling-for-kinkmeme-requests-lol.

Pada akhirnya mengerjakan meme KuroBas yang dicolong dengan izin (whad) dari praseodyau. It actually goes like your usual 30-days-meme, but I found some difficulties when answering some questions (like you have to make yourself difficult on answering meme! Oh me.) and just bring up some of them… first. Hopefully will continue in near future lol.

Day 07. Which is/are your least favourite scene(s) in the manga?
Since Kise began his overpowered copy (I mean, copying Akashi's eyes...?)

Day 08. On the scale of 1 to 10, how much do you love Kurobas?

Day 10. What do you wish to see in future chapters of Kurobas?
Sometimes I just feeling like ending this Winter Cup arc with Akashi's School vs Seirin, but on the D-Day Akashi get himself some badlucks so he cant join the match and Seirin wins yay. JK. Or not, sorry.

Day 12. Did you like basketball or sports genre anime before Kurobas?
I loved Eyeshield 21 (it's my third fandom besides Naruto and Detective Conan--years ago)… and I think it's only Eyeshield 21. Oh! Does Super Yoyo counts as sport? :|;; If so, please count them.

Day 14. How do you show your love to Kurobas? (Graphics? Drawings? Fanfictions? Etc.)
I draw fanarts of GoM members lately… and the guilty times happened when I realized that I draw them in genderbend ver HAHAHAH

Day 15. What would you like to say to the mangaka, Fujimaki Tadatoshi, if you get to meet him?
"Please don't prolong a match anymore. Like, we know it depends on the rating and such, but it was annoying to read a near-to-last-three-minutes up for a whole volume.
でもね、全てのクロバスのことが本当にありがとうございます--" and lets take sprint off

Day 16. Who is/are your favourite male character(s)?
Kiyoshi Teppei (have to bold him), Kuroko Tetsuya, Takao Kazunari, Shun Izuki.

Day 17. Who is/are your least favourite male character(s)?
Haizaki Shougo and Hanamiya Makoto (he made Kiyoshi suffers! ;w; okay sorry for the bias, now please continue).

Day 18. Who is/are your favourite female character(s)?
Momoi Satsuki. Hopefully we get along with those data-collecting business lol (I'm up for some… um, detailed information over there, you know)

Day 19. Who is/are your least favourite female character(s)?
None, so far. (There are too few to point ahah)

Day 20. Who is/are your favourite Generation of Miracles character(s)?
Kuroko Tetsuya! And Midorima unf.

Day 21. Who is/are your least favourite Generation of Miracles character(s)?
Kise Ryota. (wah, I'm sorry for his fangirls TT__TT)

Day 21. Your favourite OTP(s)? (heh curang! Atasnya juga tanggal 21 w )oAo)w)
TakaoMidorima! And one sided possessiveness of Aomine towards Kurokocchi (I prefer it goes one-sided, sorry >__>). As for the straight, there are HyugaRiko (like, it's so canon) and AoMoi.

Day 22. Your least favourite OTP(s)?
Murasakibara-Kiyoshi. AnyonexKiyoshi. I just… can't imagine Kiyoshi as an uke orz.

Day 23. Which character(s) do you find to be closely related to yourself?
Murasakibara. Mageritasnya, egoismenya, ngemil-tapi-nggak-gendut-nya, dan kadang, nyolotnya (IRL speaking, beberapa orang memang berpendapat saya nyolot). Saya juga sering berpendapat kalau sesuatu itu unyu atau manis, bahkan edible :''|

Day 24. Which character(s)’s personality do you find adorable?
MIDORIMA OH DEAR <3 can't get enough.

Day 26. Who would you marry if s/he was real?

"Always going full power…

A basketball freak…



...always plotting something." said Hyuga in chapter 54th

He is, Kiyoshi Teppei or Takao Kazunari. But Kiyoshi is more my type in face so I choose him okok. Meskipun kadang garingnya nggak ketulungan, tapi saya sadar diri kalau kegaringan ini merupakan poin plusnya dia (at least for me :''|). Sering pura-pura bego padahal yah... itu cuma pura-pura. He cares a lot for his teammates. I won't back off even someday his legs will break or whatever; I'll give my best for being the best wife in his life. Tapi tentu saja ini cuma pengandaian (gyay). Lagian mukanya juga nggak jelek kok, and the eyebrows, unf.

I also like Takao for his teasing tendency (?). But he's kinda cocky soooo… yeah. I love Kiyoshi since the first time he made his appearance, duh.

Therefore, I can't get along well with someone too serious or too calm (like Akashi or Midorima), and Aomine-type is kinda 'harsh' for my liking as husband. Murasakibara will spend such a large portion of our family saving only for his snacks (lagian saya mageran jadi punya suami yang sama-sama mageran is a no-no). Kise… he has the face but he's just not my type.

See, there are reasons.

Day 27. Who would you prefer to be your sibling(s) if s/he was/were real?
Riko as my older sister and Kuroko as my older/younger brother.

Hey, I'm up to 18/30 questions on the first part. Good job for me?
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Velouria Hemlock: wonderingsiv_carbone on February 15th, 2013 02:28 pm (UTC)
Tapi kalau saya jadi Fujimaki-sensei, saya juga bakal bertanya-tanya sih. Kalau anggotanya saja sudah se-imba itu, kaptennya harus punya kemampuan macam apa? Karena dalam shounen manga (apalagi sport-themed), yang namanya kapten selalu punya jurus rahasia yang hanya dikeluarkan di akhir gitu kan, kalo nggak ngapain juga dia ngejabat kapten?

Kasarnya sih begitu u_u Terus saya masih bertanya-tanya sebenarnya posisi Riko itu merangkap manajer juga atau nggak, karena kalau iya, berarti dua-duanya superwomen #dor